Panera Bread Update

Panera Bread Update

Panera Bread Update:


After the lockdown, Panera Bread has gone through a number of changes. Only a few of the regulars are back in the dining room. Instead of just driving through, a number of customers order via the app and are delivered there order outside in their cars.


With a small number of people coming inside to dine, I don’t know how long they will continue to serve the small number of customers.


These ceramic coffee mugs are gone. I prefer paper cups anyway. But from the staff point of view, I’m sure it’s a better deal to not not have a number of ceramic cups to wash and break.


The Wi-Fi is still excellent, even better than what I get at home these days with the lower level of service because of so many people working from home. Basically, Panera Bread is still my office away from home, but it’s getting more and more difficult to make the trip over.



Panera Bread is back to the new normal.  

Some of the regulars are back.

It is once again my office.


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