How Loss of Freedom is Predicted to Happen in 2022

How Loss of Freedom is Predicted to Happen in 2022

The Danger Signals of Human Obsolescence that Point to our Downfall in the Near Future

In this article, we will talk about the dangers of human obsolescence and how it will affect us in the near future.

The danger signals of human obsolescence are being seen in many sectors including education, security, and healthcare. There are also jobs that are at risk of becoming obsolete because of automation such as cashiers and taxi drivers.

The Future of the Web Will be Made by Google Alone

The future of the web is going to be made by Google alone. The company’s recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been making headlines for a while now.

Google will succeed in this because it has a lot of data that it can use to train its algorithms, but also because it has a lot of money and talent that it can invest in this new venture. Google’s AI is already being used for everything from voice recognition to self-driving cars, so why not the web?

A look into what might happen in 2022

In 2022, AI will have the power to make decisions that may have a much greater impact on human life than what we can imagine today.

AI will be able to make decisions that can lead to the death of a person. But it’s not like they’re going to kill you. They’re just going to give you an order and if you don’t obey, they’ll take action.

As restrictions and demands to control the population increase, more travel restrictions may be tried, social behavior could be changed to comply with new requirements and additional testing will be required. As money printing out of thin air increases, prices for goods could skyrocket due to inflation.

It will be a lot harder to have control over money and credit, less access to jobs and medical care without the use of lethal injection, as well as changes in all forms of identification and privacy.

Under fascist corporate-government partnerships, all efforts to digitize society will continue, including the elimination of cash and private transactions.


As deliberate supply line disruptions continue, it is likely that the price of goods & services will rise. This is because of dwindling access to those goods.

There is currently a shortage of housing in these cities and the prices are sky high, which has been a burden for many who live there.

Even food shortages will become much more apparent, as all of this planned economic carnage has universal consequences across every market. Fertilizer prices are going up and up as the main component is natural gas. Expect prices to soar or for shortages to develop.

So, What does the Future Hold for Us?

Many experts in the field of artificial intelligence have been predicting that by 2022, AI will be able to accomplish many human tasks. It is also predicted that by this time, AI will be able to do a number of jobs that require creativity and emotional intelligence.

The future of humanity is still unknown but we can hope for the best. Hopefully, the future will not only be bright but also more creative and diverse than it is now.

Large-scale threats will be coming to the general population soon. These include events meant to scare the public that will only do so in order to gain obedience. The safety will be false, though.

There are all sorts of ways state actors can control the narrative, for example by saying someone hacked into your systems or accusing you of failing to abide by their strict ideology.

Conclusion and Recommendations

There is a lot of potential for disruption occurring all around the world, and many industries are likely to be affected. For example, we might see global warming pushing up energy prices, or traveling becoming more difficult because of regional terrorism.

As winter approaches, our risk for power and energy outages increases due to the cold front.

We witnessed the damage that a nationwide blackout could do last year, but with the advent of bogus cyber-attacks as an excuse, this could become a much bigger problem. This time around, it would be blamed on something unavoidable.

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It’s hard to say what might happen and what’ll happen in 2022, but one thing is certain, the threats and attacks won’t end then.

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