Forced Accelerated Plan

Forced Accelerated Plan

Forced Accelerated Plan

I feel compelled to create another plan to help me work on my health, wealth, and relationships before the November 3rd election.

The reason for this is simple.

I fully expect a number of things to happen during this time that will be an absolute shitstorm.

First, I think there may be more lockdowns and businesses being closed.

Second, when this happens, there will be more protests and civil unrest but of a different nature than what we are getting right now.

Third, the presidential election will get absolutely ugly. I don’t expect Joe Biden to actually debate, but if he does, he will be crushed in the election. Also, if he makes a bad choice for vice presidential candidate oh, you will lose.

Otherwise, he has a very good chance of being the next president without having the mental capacity to do the job any longer.

When that happens, the country is going into a nightmare social engineering test that will destroy everything.

Charles Lamm

Traveler, writer, walkabout soloist, coach, and speaker. I hope my writings can help you embark on your own walkabout solo journey. Practice poverty now to be able to withstand the challenges ahead.

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